What is Christianity?

Watch this: The beginning > God and man together > Sin enters the world > Sin Seperates God and man > Jesus comes > Jesus bridges the gap > God and man together

the basic problem of mankind... ...and its solution... ...simply illustrated



Why did Christ Die?

by A C Gaebelein

A Radio Address Delivered by Dr. Gaebelein on April 9, 1936 A C Gaebelein

DURING THIS WEEK many millions of people remember the death of one Man. It took place almost two thousand years ago. Only small groups witnessed His death, but since He died, His Name and what happened so long ago has been heralded throughout the world. Millions are living in every continent who hear and know that Name. The story of His Life and the death He died has been translated into hundreds of languages and is now read by the different races which compose humanity...


Front Cover of "What's the difference" by Fritz Ridenour

So What’s The Difference?

A look at 20 World Views, faiths and religions and how they compare to Christianity.

Buddhism - Mormonism - Humanism - Witchcraft - Jehovah's Witnesses - Postmodernism - Evolutionism - Islam - Hinduism - Judaism - New Age - And More...

Read extracts from the book.




The Sermon That Was Never Preached

by A C Gaebelein

The well-known and greatly admired professor of a certain institution of learning sat in his study. On his table were numerous books of reference, but one book, the Bible, was missing. He was preparing a sermon for the coming Lord’s day. He had been asked to preach in the university church. He knew there would be a great audience. The president and the faculty of the university, as well as hundreds of students, would be there. The leading professional and business men of the city would listen to him. The society people always attended the morning service of the magnificent church, famous for its well-chosen musical programme. He would have to do his very best. He knew his reputation was at stake. Some of his colleagues had preached before and had been severely criticized. He must avoid their mistakes. He must produce something unique, something up-to-date.


"His Riches" - the Only Way to be Rich

by A C Gaebelein

“For ye know the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich.” 2 Corinthians 8,9

These beautiful words, which we find written in connection with Christian giving, contain the blessed Gospel in a most precious fullness. Like the great heart of the Gospel, John 3:16, it is so very simple and yet so very deep that its depths have never been fathomed.


"Behold the Man!"

 By A. C. Gaebelein

BEHOLD the Man! " lt was spoken by a Roman; it came from the lips of a heathen. He presented to the Jewish, satanically controlled mob, a pitiful figure. The Man stood before them, who for three years had healed the sick and done deeds of mercy and kindness, who had revealed His supernatural power.

The most lawless act in human history was about to be consum­mated, and the most lawless cry had been heard, "Barabbas - give us the murderer Barabbas! Crucify the Man, crucify Him."

And there He stood. His bleeding shoulders covered by the purple robe, His head crowned with thorns, His visage marred and smitten, perhaps beyond recognition. Pilate spoke Latin and uttered in his tongue but two words, "Ecce Homo."

What did he mean by it? He hated the Jews. Did he present the Man of Sorrows to the mob out of contempt? Or was his motive to create pity in hearts so that some might demand mercy? We do not know. Yet it is a great word he spoke this "Ecce Homo2; He did not know what he spoke, for in this word, "Behold the Man! " is contained the great message of the Bible more...


“Which Class Are You Travelling?”

by George Cutting


The Grace of God to a Roman Catholic Priest

by Charles Stanley


A Just God And A Saviour

by J N Darby

There is in all persons a certain knowledge of good and evil; such and such things they say are good, and such and such things are evil. But perhaps no two persons fix exactly the same standard either of good or evil. What people do is to fix such a standard of good as they can come up to themselves, and such a standard of evil as shall just exclude themselves, and include others. For instance, the drunkard thinks there is no great harm in drinking, but would consider it a great sin to steal.... more...


Jesus and the Gospel

by C.H. Mackintosh

The gospel tells you who Jesus is and what He has done, and if you believe its message in your heart, and confess Him with your mouth, you will be saved...  More...

Are you saved? Can you be sure? How about good works, do they help? Please read:


by Charles Stanley

Awake! The Bridegroom Cometh (Matth.25:1-13)


Does baptism get me into heaven?

Read a sermon on Baptismal Regeneration delivered by C. H. SPURGEON, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington, London.


What is Conversion?

by C H Mackintosh


The wrong Door

by J T Mawson


Gospel Messages

by A J Pollock


What is Christianity?

Jesus says:

Bible, Christianity, what is it about?

Christianity - it is not a doctrine, not an ideology, and not a religion. Christianity is much, much more. Christianity is a Person - Christ. It, that is He, has transformed the lives of thousands and thousands of people. 

He has brought:

Do you know Him?

Something else to bear in mind:

Many people think that death means 'end' (at least they claim they do...). Death is not a 'full-stop', nor a 'question mark', but a 'colon'. What comes after death?

The resurrection of the dead

Jesus Christ is either your Saviour or your Judge. Are you ready to meet God? Have you accepted the Gospel?

If you have any questions, please write to us and, above all, read the Bible, God's word.


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


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