Church Today

Study Outline, Questions for discussion


1.      What does the word 'church' mean?

2.      What is the church?

3.      When did the church begin (why not before, why not later?)?

4.      Is the church revealed in the Old Testament?

5.      Who does the church consist of today?

6.      How do you become a member?

Questions for discussion

7.      What do we mean by saying.

                   .the church is the body of Christ?

                   .the church is the house of God?

                   .the church is the bride of Christ?

8.      What do we mean by 'church of God in X,Y,Z'?

9.      What does it mean to be 'gathered to the Lord's name'?

10.  What is a church (or 'assembly') meeting?

11.  Who conducts the meetings?  (is this the role of pastor(s) / Elders? What are gifts and offices?)

12.  Why do we not appoint elders?

13.  Who should give ministry?

14.  What do we mean by 'the ruin of the church'?

15.  How can you show the unity in a time of ruin and fragmentation?

16.  Who breaks bread?

17.  What is the relationship between local meetings?

18.  What is assembly discipline?

19.  What is a sect?

20.  Are we a denomination?

21.  How do we relate to other Christians who do not meet with us?

22.  What is more important: to be doctrinally correct or be devoted to the Lord?

Additional questions:

                   How does the Church relate to professing Christianity, ie the Kingdom of God, and Kingdom of Heaven?

                   Where is the church at this time?

                   How does the Holy Spirit operate in the meetings?

                   What is our testimony today?

                   Why do we break bread every week? Why do we meet on the Lord's Day?

                   What is the task of the church in this world? What is the use of the church?

Help on the subject:

You can find many helpful articles on this topic in the church section under 'Bible topics'). Here is a selection of titles:

You also find interesting articles on church history.

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