The Catford Lectures

Monthly Bible Teaching

Wildfell Hall, Catford, London SE6 4HU


The Catford Lectures - which have been running for over 50 years now (see "50 Years of Faithful Witness" statement) - offer Bible teaching on a whole range of topics, covering prophecy, church truth, Christian living, etc. Above all, they want to provide Christ centred and Biblical teaching for the edification of all those who are able to attend, all are welcome.

The Catford Lectures are held six times a year, typically on the first Saturday of the month, from November to April.

There is a lecture at 4 pm, followed by tea and refreshments at 5 pm, and a lecture at 6 pm.

The programme for this year is as follows:


4 pm Lecture

6 pm Lecture

03 November 2012 Mr. Paul Dronsfield Mr. Andrew Poots
01 December 2012 Mr. Geoff Hawes Mr. Mark Best
05 January 2013 Mr. Simon Attwood Mr. Derek Cooper
02 February 2013 Mr. Robert Wall Mr. Michael Hardt
02 March 2013 Mr. Nick Fleet Mr. Graham Warnes
06 April 2013 Mr. Hugh Clark Mr. Michael Vogelsang


If you are interested in obtaining a CD with recent messages delivered at the Catford Lectures please contact us.

Why not come along and find out?



Wildfell Hall, Wildfell Road , Catford, London SE6 4HU - UK


For further details, and for details of other Bible study meetings in the UK please have a look at the UK calendar of meetings


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